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Catch it in the Catchment

Each year in November, Tamar NRM partners with Clean Up Australia to host the week-long ‘Catch it in the Catchment’ in the Tamar estuary catchment.

Why is this event important?

The event draws attention to the impact of human activity on the network of streams, creeks, rivulets and the estuary itself. As well as removing rubbish from the Tamar estuary, this event:

  • provides an opportunity for community education;

  • helps to identify rubbish hot spots; and,

  • highlights the positive impact community clean-up events can have on the overall quantity of the catchment area - many people each doing a little benefits the overall system.

Where will you collect rubbish from in 2022?

This year is Tamar NRM's 4th Catch it in the Catchment, running from the 29th of October to the 6th of November.

So far, this Tamar Valley Community event has had over 1,000 participants remove nearly 2,000kg of rubbish from the places and spaces where we live, learn, work and play.

To register a clean-up or find out more, visit Clean Up Australia - click here.

How can Tamar NRM help you with your clean up?

We can provide:

  • Finding a clean-up location;

  • Registering or if you miss the registration time;

  • How to conduct a rubbish audit so Tamar NRM and Clean Up Australia can collect your rubbish statistics;

  • Loan of long handled rubbish collectors - great if you have problems bending over to pick up rubbish (first in first served, but we do our best to share them around during this 9-day event);

  • Reusable bags if you are directly emptying rubbish directly into bins (note Clean up Australia provides collection bags to groups when they register);

  • Plastic Free Launceston is available during the event days to visit your group to help with your rubbish audit and have a chat about reducing plastic pollution.

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