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Our Strategic Plan

In 2022 Tamar NRM developed a new Strategic Plan for the period 2022 to 2030. This replaced the previous Strategic Plan 2018-21.  Through a process of community and stakeholder consultations, focus groups and individual interviews, the new Strategic Plan was developed and accepted at the March 2022 Management Committee meeting.  

The Plan sets out 8 Strategic Statements with accompanying Enabling Actions.  

The Strategic Statements are listed here:

  1. We have a culture of good governance

  2. We understand (and can evidence) our impact

  3. We have a well-resourced, effective and valued team

  4. We have a diverse and supported volunteer community

  5. We provide accessible ways for diverse stakeholders to engage with us

  6. We remain relevant to our funding councils

  7. A key strength is our partnerships

  8. We understand and build on our distinctive role in the community​

The full Strategic Plan can be downloaded here:

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