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Catch it in the Catchment


4 Years | 1,314 Volunteers | 3,800 kg Rubbish

Catch it in the Catchment is here again for its fifth year, and we would like your support!

Our Aim - to prevent rubbish (mainly plastics) from polluting our urban and rural spaces where we live, work and play. We will catch rubbish before it enters the natural environments we value, such as our local bushland and waterways.

Steps to Get Involved

  1. Get together a group –  big or small, to help you – schools, sports clubs, family, workmates, friends, neighbours.

  2. Decide on site to clean up - decide on an area that needs some attention. This can be close to home, a local park, bushland area, along a creek or the Tamar. Note - Roadsides are often discussed as potential clean-up sites; unfortunately, these areas are high risk and cannot be included in this clean up event.

  3. Decide on a date and time of your clean up event and if you would like to open it up to the public to join.

  4. Nominate a contact person and complete the online registration, or ring Trish Haeusler on 0402 503 324 with your details.

  5. OR - Join an existing group on the day by using the details on the map below.

Catch it in the Catchment 2023 poster

What else can Tamar NRM help with?

  1. Registering your group on your behalf with Clean Up Australia.

  2. Assistance finding an appropriate clean-up location;

  3. How to conduct a rubbish audit so Tamar NRM and Clean Up Australia can collect your rubbish statistics;

  4. Lending long-handled rubbish collectors and scales - great if you have problems bending over to pick up rubbish and scales to weigh your collection (first in first served, but we do our best to share them around during this 5-day event);

  5. Reusable bags if you are directly emptying rubbish directly into bins;

  6. Plastic Free Launceston is also available during the event days to visit your group to help with your rubbish audit and have a chat about reducing plastic pollution. 

If you are a school group, or have any questions please contact The Catch It in the Catchment Coordinator, Trish Haeusler at

a yellow bag full of litter

Join an existing group

The table and map below indicates the locations, groups, dates and times of those that have registered for clean up events .  The community is welcome to join anyone of these unless it is marked as a closed event.


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