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Are you searching for fun nature-based activities to do with your children during school holidays?

As a parent, it can be challenging to come up with outdoor games and activities for your kids. However, we have a solution! We have created an enjoyable 'Biodiversity BINGO' game that both kids and adults can participate in.

The game is easy to play and can be played in any forest, wetland, or coastal ecosystem. The objective is to find things in nature, such as creatures with wings, long legs, or those that make loud sounds, and draw them! It's an excellent way to explore and learn about the local environment in a fun and focused way. We have three BINGO sheets available for download and print, tailored for forest, wetland, or beach environments.

If you have older children or want to expand your own knowledge, we highly recommend playing bingo alongside the 'iNaturalist' app. This app encourages you to upload photos of species you have found, especially those you haven't seen or know the name of. The app or an expert in the larger iNaturalist community will then help to confirm the identification, and the data you provide will contribute to our collective knowledge of the local environment.

Download Biodiversity BINGO here.

We hope you have a fantastic summer learning something new about your natural world!


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