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Tamar NRM Success in the Great Regional City Challenge, securing $4000 for each of its projects

Tamar NRM is delighted to announce that they have had success with all three of their projects entered in the Great Regional City Challenge, receiving a grant of $4000 each. Public voting for 19 potential projects saw support for Tamar NRM’s three offerings among the 12 selected for funding.

The first project, 'Tamar Region Through the Lens', aims to showcase the natural wonders of the Tamar and Meander Valley regions. This initiative involves the creation of video clips that highlight the region's landscapes, diverse flora, and fauna. Engaging young filmmakers from the region, these films will seek to raise awareness about the significance of these natural treasures and build the young filmmakers' experience and capacity – watch out Spielberg!

The second project, aptly named the 'Great Tamar Tree Trail', charmed the voters with its community-driven approach to celebrating the region's valuable tree assets. As part of this initiative, residents are encouraged to nominate their favourite trees, which will be included in a virtual tree trail around the Tamar Valley region. Leveraging technology, Tamar NRM plans to create an interactive map that allows participants to connect with, locate, and learn about these significant trees. The $4000 grant will be instrumental in developing the trail and associated community events that will raise an understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the importance of trees in the Tamar Valley's built and natural environment.

Lastly, the 'Community Connections for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Tasmanians' project recognises the importance of creating a more connected and engaged community. This initiative focuses on enabling new Tasmanians to participate in environmental activities that may otherwise be inaccessible. The $4000 grant will fund transportation and interpreters, bridging the gap between these individuals and the Tasmanian community. Tamar NRM aims to nurture a sense of belonging and empowerment among diverse communities by providing opportunities for cross-cultural interactions and participation in environmental projects.

Kirstin Seaver, Program Coordinator at Tamar NRM, expressed her gratitude and excitement for the grant and the opportunity to carry out these transformative projects.

"We are thrilled with this tremendous support from the public to the projects we entered in the Great Regional City Challenge," Kirstin said.

"These grants will allow us to bring our visions to life, inspire our community, and continue our mission towards a greener and more connected future."

The successful selection of all three Tamar NRM projects is a testament to the organisation's dedication to natural resource management, sustainable development, and community engagement.

Image from a recent trip to Trowunna through the Community Connections for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Tasmanians Project


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