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Ragwort Raids Return for the Tamar Valley


Tamar NRM is calling for volunteers to remove Ragwort from nearby roadsides in the Tamar Valley over the last two weeks of January.

Now in its 24th year, the annual Ragwort Raid, aims to control the spread of the declared agricultural and environmental weed, Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea).

This volunteer event does an incredible job preventing Ragwort from getting a major foothold in the region. Over the years the Raids have seen a significant reduction in the amount of the weed found, from collecting truckloads in its inception, to bag loads. This success is thanks to committed volunteers from the community, Landcare groups, rural fire brigades, friends' groups, and farmers – every set of hands helps.

Regular ‘Ragwort Raider’ and former Coordinator, Kay Bailey has been with the project from the start.

"I always look forward to working with the community and the three Tamar councils on this practical on-ground project. Volunteers are provided with all the required instruction on Ragwort identification and removal they need, then they just get in and do what is needed,” said Kay.

Kirstin Seaver from Tamar NRM is also appealing to all landholders, large or small, to do whatever they can to reduce Ragwort on their properties.

“Landholders are invited to join dedicated Ragwort Raid days or deal with their own property infestations while this invasive weed is in flower.

“Ragwort is toxic to livestock, and can negatively impact productivity on agricultural properties," said Kirstin.

Tamar NRM also uses the Raids to monitor the presence of biological control agents that have been released by Biosecurity Tasmania, such as the Ragwort Flea Beetle, Stem and Crown Boring Moth and the Ragwort Plume Moth.

The four dedicated 2023 "Ragwort Raiding" days are:

· East Tamar – Saturday, 21st January at the Pipers River Fire Station

· West Tamar - Sunday 22nd January at Winkleigh Hall

· Blessington – Tuesday 24th January at Blessington Hall

· Nunamara – Saturday 28th January at Nunamara Hall

Three hours of your time is all that is asked for. Meet for each Raid at 9:00am sharp and join the team afterwards for a sausage sizzle at noon.

Volunteer registration and more information on the Ragwort Raids can be found at


For more information contact: Kirstin Seaver 0438 265 792 or Nick Flittner 0409 343 669.


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