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Sustainable Living Festival Program Released

It is only 9 sleeps until the Sustainable Living Festival, on Saturday the 2nd of March!


We are delighted to share the Festival program that is packed with activities and workshops - from electrifying your home to knitting, test-driving electric vehicles, managing your rubbish bins, remade fashions, managing your bins, garden inspiration, becoming waste-free, making preserves and ferments, and taking steps towards 'going circular' - there's something for everyone at this year's festival.


Before you start exploring we recommend you lock into your plans seeing WAR on WASTE host Craig Reucassel's keynote from 11.10am to noon at the Auditorium, and again at the 1.30pm at the Forum on the topic: What is the best way to encourage resource recovery and recycling to get to "zero waste" in Tasmania?


We also draw your attention to two activities that need pre-registration - the Repair Cafe and Electrikhana: EV rides & drives. While all of the other activities at the Festival do not need registration, the Repair Cafe and the opportunity to ride or drive an electric vehicle do. Get in early and register using the links below.


Don't forget, if you are interested in volunteering on the day, please contact me at or phone 0412 240 190.


On behalf of the team behind the Tamar NRM Festival, we can't wait to see you at Tamar NRM's Sustainable Living Festival.


Repair Café

Don't miss the pop-up Repair Café brought in the Breakout Room from 10am to 11.50am. Experts will be available to help you with basic repairs, including textile, camping and biking equipment, small electronics, and bikes. Please note, specialist parts will not be supplied and must be brought with the item (e.g. bike tube, bike tire, cables, etc). Please register your repair to ensure there is capacity to repair it. 


Electrikhana: Pre-register for EV Ride or Drive

Thinking of an electric vehicle, but not sure if it is right for you?  The AEVA will be at the festival providing a chance to see vehicles on display, talk to those who use them, ride in one or even drive one.   


Graphic banner with sustainable living festival logo in the centre of a white circle, surrounded by circular arrows and icons for activities.
Tamar NRM's Sustainable Living Festival 'Going Circular' Banner


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