Since Tamar NRM’s inception in 1998, we have managed a wide variety of programs within the Launceston City, West Tamar and George Town municipalities. These have included a range of projects including: ongoing weed eradication programs, feral cats, Gambusia, sustainable farming, Master TreeGrowers, salinity, biodiversity, community engagement, revegetation and school programs. See below for some of our latest reports. Feel free to contact if you would like any reports or submissions that are not listed here.





Producer Demonstration Mid-Year Update August, 2018





Demonstration Project Update March 2018



2018 Ragwort Raid Report




Pipers Head Beach Characteristics      Report Smith (October, 2017)  (3.17 mg)





2017 Boneseed Blitz

Tamar NRM, November 2017



Poa for the Planet and Ponies

John and Katrina Kelly “Two Gums” Lilydale.

July, 2017


Reassessing the Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology of Pipers River, including Rehabilitation Outcomes

Matthew Tedford.  June, 2017

Pasture Trials 2010-14 Thumb


Final Report

Tamar NRM/TIA Pasture Trials

2010-2014 (2.6MB)

Ragwort Thumb


2017 Ragwort Raid Final Report



GTC Summary Thumb

George Town Coastal Communities Action Plan Update (Summary Document) Feb 2017 (1MB)


GTC Spread ThumbGeorge Town Coastal Communities Action Plan Update Feb 2017

 GT Coastal Plan 2005 Thumb

George Town Coastal Communities Management Plan (2005) (4.7MB)

Also see Action Plan update (Feb 2017)


Blitz Thumb

2016 Boneseed Blitz Report

Tamar NRM November 2016

 Ragwort Raids Report - January 2016


January, 2016


2015 Annual Report


2016 Tamar NRM Annual Report



Draft_Cat Mgmt_Plan cover

SCCET Draft Tasmanian Cat Management Plan Submission 2016.


Lochlan Thumbnail

Assessing and maintaining the coastal stability of Weymouth Beach, Tasmania

December, 2015 – Lochlan Skinner


Assessing vulnerability of salt marshes to impacts of sea level rise in the Tamar Estuary, Tasmania: Report to Tamar NRM

December, 2015 – Liam Scanlan


Boneseed map 2012

Tamar Region Boneseed Eradication Strategy + map


Tamar PrinciplesThe Tamar Principles

An outcome from our Biodiversity Conference held on 26-28 June 2007 with many local, national and international speakers.


ROOFS2007 ROOFS Report.

The Regional Outcomes On-Farm for Sustainability (ROOFS) concept was developed into the ROOFS Delivery System through a National Landcare Programme funded scoping study during 2005-06. The report summarises the combined outcomes of two projects, the ROOFS Regional Pilot project and the ROOFS Native Vegetation Pilot project which aimed to trial the delivery of Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the four stage ROOFS program for groups of farmers in the Tamar Region.

Tamar Sustainability Index 2008 Report.

The Tamar Sustainability Index (TSI) is a system for calculating the benefits of environmental stewardship services that farmers provide to the wider community. The project was collaboration between CSIRO and Tamar NRM, funded by the Department of Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry under the National Landcare Programme. The project commenced in March 2007, completed June 2008.