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If you are still interested in being involved with the Ragwort Raid please contact us so we can provide you with updated information on new times.

Otherwise, if you see any Ragwort on your travels it is fairly easy to pull out, the plants need to be disposed by burying them so seeds don’t have a chance to germinate. Thanks for your help.

Movie Screening 10th December – Just Eat It

Tamar NRM’s Sustainable Living Working Group and Alternative Technology Association

Movie Night

Just Eat It

“We all love food, so how could we possibly be throwing nearly half of it in the trash?”

When: Thursday 10th December

Where: West Tamar Council, Eden Street, Riverside

Cost: $5 at the door on the night.

Filmmakers and food lovers, Jen and Grant, dive into the issue of waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away.

Just Eat It

Movie Screening 3rd December – The Future of Energy

Tamar NRM’s Sustainable Living Working Group and Alternative Technology Association

Come along and join us for range of interesting movies being screened at West Tamar Council, Eden Street, Riverside over the next few weeks.

Movie Night Number 2

The Future of Energy

Time: 6:30pm, Thursday 3rd December.

Cost: $5 entry fee on the night

“100% renewable energy is not a dream. The technology is there. The money is there. We only need the belief and the political will to create this inspiring reality. That’s why The Future of Energy is such an important film.” Jurriaan Kamp, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Intelligent Optimist

The Future of Energy

Movie Screening 26th November – Economics of Happiness

Tamar NRM’s Sustainable Living Working Group and Alternative Technology Association


Movie Night Number 1

Come along and join us for range of interesting movies being screened at West Tamar Council, Eden Street, Riverside over the next few weeks.

Time: 6:30pm, Thursday 26th November.

Cost: $5 entry fee on the night

Economics of Happiness

“The Economics of Happiness describes a world moving simultaneously in two opposing directions. On the one hand, government and big business continue to promote globalization, and on the other hand communities are coming together to build an economics of localization.”

Click here for details of the other movies

Economics of Happiness

NRM Volunteer Celebration Event Dec 4th

Come help us celebrate our volunteers

Tamar NRM and NRM North would like to celebrate and thank all the volunteers that have helped us (and other organisations) out over the year. All are welcome.

NRM Volunteer Celebration event

NRM Volunteer Celebration event

Highlights include:

  • Jayne Shapter – West Tamar Landcare & State Landcare Winner
  • Carol Bracken – Tamar Valley Hazelnuts & State Rural Women’s winner
  • Robyn Barnet- Mark your Mark Tamar River Art Project
  • Walk and talk through the Tasmanian Native Gardens with Tony Roberts
  • Launch of the NRM North photographic display
  • Afternoon tea provided

When: Friday December 4th

Time: 1.30 pm—3.30 pm

Where: Windsor Precinct Riverside

RSVP: Wednesday 2nd Dec. 6333 7777 or [email protected]

Enquiries: Alison Hugo 6333 7788 / 0448 384 681


Workshop December 3rd: Backyards to Broadacres – ‘Know your Tamar soils’

Bring your Soil Sample for testing
Bring your Soil Sample for testing

‘Know your Tamar soils’

To celebrate 2015 as International Year of Soils Tamar NRM and Tas Farming Futures proudly present an interactive program for all agriculture industries on soil characteristics and the management practices that will help you get the best productivity outcome. The day will include hands-on outside activities such as soil assessment and in-field tests.

Where: Tresca Community Centre, Main Rd Exeter
When: Thursday 3rd December 2015 – 9.30 am to 3 pm            Cost: $25 (includes lunch)

For further information contact Greg Lundstrom on 0438 642 112; 6323 3310 or [email protected]


 We have a stellar cast of speakers coming for the workshop:

Dr. Doris Blaesing (RMCG)

Doris Blaesing is Associate Principal with RMCG. She has extensive experience in managing RD&E, resource management and strategic agricultural and horticultural projects. Doris majored in soil science at Hannover University, Germany and conducted postdoc studies at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland. Doris has extensive knowledge and experience in integrated soil and crop health management, both, from a scientific and practical perspective. During her career she has also often worked with a focus and the post farm gate sector (e.g. business development, postharvest management, food safety).Prior to consulting Doris worked as lecturer, researcher (University, government and private provider), and as horticulture manager in an export business.  

Chris Grose (DPIPWE)

Chris Grose is a soil scientist with over 30 years’ experience in soil mapping and land evaluation much of it in Tasmania. Originally from the UK, Chris arrived in Australia after spending several years investigating soils in Papua New Guinea. He has also worked in Kuwait, Israel, the Philippines and three years in the United Arab Emirates. Since arriving in Australia in the early 1990s Chris has worked predominantly in Tasmania for the Department of Primary Industries where he was initially involved in leading the land capability mapping program, publishing the second edition of the Land Capability Handbook in 1999. He has also been involved with a variety of projects relating to land degradation risk mapping and has made numerous presentations to farmers, schools and planners on topics ranging from land capability to soil health and property management planning. Chris is currently involved with two major projects one looking at modelling land suitability for growing a range of different crops around Tasmania and the other a monitoring project looking at changes in soil condition over time. Chris is currently the President of the Tasmanian Branch of Soil Science Australia and is an enthusiastic traveller, bushwalker and photographer.

 Donna Lucas (RMCG)

Donna is an Agricultural Consultant with RM Consulting Group.  She works with farmers and agribusiness putting research into practice. She has always had an interest in soils since she was a young girl growing up on the farm.

Ashley Hobbins (RMCG)

Ashley is an extension officer with RMCG. Her main role is helping producers improve on-farm efficiency through one-on-one consulting, facilitating workshops and developing communications materials through the ‘Tas Farming Futures’ project. Soil health and in particular soil carbon plays a large role in the work she does.

backyards to broadacres header

Poster Link & more details

New Tamar NRM Facebook Page

New Facebook Page!

Tamar NRM

We have had issues beyond our control with the last Tamar Natural Resource Management Facebook page. Unfortunately this has meant we have had to abandon the page and start again.
The NEW and ACTIVE page is Tamar NRM. If you are on Facebook and would like to keep up to date with what the Tamar team are up to, future events and what is happening in the region please go to the new page by clicking here or seaching for Tamar NRM and “like” us.
Hope to see you there.
Gill and Greg

Master Tree Growers

Master Tree Growers Course Completed

Tamar NRM Master TreeGrower Dept AF&F Australian Agroforestry Foundation

In a joint initiative between Tamar NRM and Australian Agroforestry Foundation, a successful Master Tree Growers course has been held in the Tamar Valley. The course participants, predominantly made up of local landholders, heard from national and local experts about planting and managing trees on private property for conservation and profit.

Conversation about Biodiversity
Conversation about the values of biodiversity

The president of Tamar NRM Roger Tyshing said “We were keen to demonstrate that there is a middle ground in timber production which can be profitable and take into account the needs of the land owner, as well as environmental and landscape values. Judging from the feedback received, we think we achieved just that”.

Seeds and seedlings
Seeds and seedlings

The course started on Friday 14th August and culminated at a presentation night on Friday 25th September, at Design Tasmania and a dinner afterwards. Present at the presentations were Senator Richard Colebeck, Minister for Tourism and International Education and Minister assisting the Minister for Trade and Investment, local Member for Bass Sarah Courtney, MP and Mayor and Mayoress of Launceston City Council, Albert and Lyndle van Zetten.

Local landholder Ian Dickenson collects his certificate from Senator Colbeck
Local landholder Ian Dickenson collects his certificate from Senator Colebeck

Coordinator Rowan Reid was supported throughout the course by Andy Stewart an agroforestry farmer from the Otways in Victoria, master propagator and nurseryman Mike Robinson-Koss, bush foods marketer and promoter Amanda Garner, Biodiversity consultant Anna Povey, with ten Tamar region farm sites visited. Local businesses supporting the event included Habitat Nursery, Tamar Ridge Wines and Design Tasmania Centre.

Rosemary Grant attended one of the Master TreeGrower days and interviewed a couple of participants as well as Becky McCann, Australian Agroforestry Network, and Gill Basnett, Tamar NRM Program Coordinator. The Radio interview aired Monday 28th September 2015. Click here to read the story and hear the interview.

New biodiverse plantings on a corner pivot
New biodiverse plantings on the corner pivots