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The Tamar Pasture Improvement Demonstration Project Survey

The Tamar Pasture Improvement Demonstration Project Survey

Congratulations Brian!


The draw for the Green Tractor was conducted at Mowbray Office on 7th December. The winner is Pipers River Farmer Brian Baxter. It may be a bit small to help with this year’s hay and silage, but will look great under the Xmas tree!

The survey remains open and we encourage others to participate until March 2018. Available online, via phone or post.

Click on the Survey Link:


Serrated Tussock – Be on the Lookout


Serrated Tussock


We have it in the Tamar Valley, we just need to get rid of it!

Contact Tamar NRM 6323 3310 if you want further identification tips emailed or posted. But if you think you have it don’t transport it to get an ID. It’s better to ring DPIPWE 1300 368 550 or Tamar NRM 6323 3310 to have it identified in situ.

 Here is a great video clip

Video produced by Hillary Burden at Tamar NRM’s Serrated Tussock Workshop Hillwood, Thursday 30th November 2017.

Other useful websites:

Phone: 6323 3310 or 0438 642 112 or

Email: [email protected]


  1. Leaf bases of serrated tussock are more tightly packed and more slender than those of other tussocks and are never purple or blue-green, but a whitish colour.
  2. In summer when most other grasses have dried off to a straw-colour, the young serrated tussock plants still retain their bright green colour, except for the tips which are bleached.
  3. At the junction of leaf sheath and blade most grasses carry a small flap known as a ‘ligule’. In the case of serrated tussock this is white, papery, rounded at the tip and never hairy.
  4. The upward-pointing barbs on the leaf blade, which gives them their rough or serrated texture, are minute and almost invisible to the naked eye. If the leaves appear at all hairy, the plant is not serrated tussock.
  5. The seed head breaks off whole. The previous year’s seed heads do not generally remain on the plant.
  6. Flowering and seeding heads are a dark purple due to the colour of the two ‘glumes’ surrounding the seed.
  7. Seed of serrated tussock is unlike the seed of any of the other tussock grasses with which it is likely to be confused.
  8. For help in identifying serrated tussock, search the Dennis Morris Weeds and Endemic Flora Database for serrated tussock illustrations.

For more information view DPIPWE website:

or the Tamar Valley Weeds Strategy Website


George Town Coastal Communities Action Plan Update

The George Town Coastal Management Group, George Town Council, Tamar NRM and the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania have endorsed the actions for the management of the George Town Coastal area and are committed to working in partnership for the full implementation of this action plan.

Through workshops and consultation, the coastal communities of Bellingham, Weymouth, Lulworth, Tam O’Shanter, Beechford, Bellbuoy Beach, Low Head and Hillwood have identified priority works for the protection and restoration of the places they live, work and recreate in.

This action plan presents the latest reviewed on-ground works consistent with aims of the George Town Coastal Management Plan (2005), which was the first truly community driven coastal management plan in Tasmania. It is an important resource to guide future community action and assist government and local planning authorities in the ongoing management of coastal areas within the George Town municipality.

“Communities and management authorities working together to protect, enhance and sustainably manage the natural values of our coastal area for recreation and conservation into the future.”

GTC Summary Thumb


George Town Coastal Communities Action Plan Update (Summary Document) Feb 2017 (1MB)


GTC Spread Thumb

George Town Coastal Communities Action Plan Update Feb 2017

 GT Coastal Plan 2005 Thumb

George Town Coastal Communities Management Plan (2005) (4.7MB)


Tamar NRM Hot Desk – West Tamar Council 8th Dec

Tamar NRM is Keen to Hear from You

Tamar NRM likes to get out and about to chat to members of the community about all things related to Natural Resource Management from Sustainable Living, Sustainable Agriculture to Biodiveristy Sustainability.

Come talk to us about a project you are interested in, information on tree planting, gardens for wildlife, fire and biodiversity, weeds, cats and much much more.

Hot Desk WTC

Heritage Forest Community Garden Open Day

Interested in gardening? Don’t have space in your house for a garden but would like to get your hands dirty? Want to know more about what to plant this sprint?

Head on down to the Community Garden at Heritage Forest for their Spring Planting Open Day. All are welcome and if you would like to become a member there are still spaces so get in quick. What better way to spend a sunny spring day.

Heritage Forest Open day