Feedback on Field Day/Workshops

Funding under the National Landcare Programme – Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants Round 2015-16, has enabled us to present innovative and forward-looking solutions on the issues affecting agriculture in the Tamar Valley.

The workshops series is being delivered under the banner of “Backyards to Broadacres” providing regionally relevant information to as wide as possible range of farm producers.

If you have attended one of the following events then we would like to hear from you.

Theme 1: Soil Biology and Health – 15th March, Carrick

Theme 2: Pasture Management – 28th March, Greenhythe

Theme 3: Animal Health / Livestock Production – 12th April,  Baxter’s Farm

Theme 4: THE BLANK SLATE – Developing a Property with Sustainable principles in Mind, 2nd April, Flint’s property, Exeter

Theme 5: Data to Decisions – Thursday 29th June, Winkleigh Hall,

Theme 6: Benefits of Biochar, Dung Beetles and Earthworms in Sustainable Farming Systems – Thursday, 20th July, Tresca Community Centre, Exeter & Farm visit.

East Tamar Landcare Group Pasture Trials Field Day – Friday 2nd June,  at Greenhythe

Your feedback helps us deliver the workshops you want to attend.




Next Field Day 21st September – Pastures in Spring

Tamar Pastures in Spring